श्रद्धावान्  लभते ज्ञानम्

                     Dr V S Krishna Govt. Degree College(A) is a prestigious college and its Golden jubilee was celebrated in the year 2018. Even before the Golden jubilee  celebrations, the Department of Sanskrit has its existence since 1991. Previously Eminent Sanskrit scholars like Dr I Srinivasa Rao, Sri V Srinivasa Rao and Dr T S Ramanaujam, have served in this Department. From the academic year 2010-11 onwards autonomy was sanctioned to our college. Dr. T S Ramanaujam, Lecturer in charge of the department is designated as the Chairman for the Board of studies till April 2015.Accordingly the Board of studies meets every year in the beginning of the academic year and reviews the syllabus and question papers to enhance the academic standards.

The Department of Sanskrit started functioning in 1991.The main aim of the department is enrichment of personality of the students. Literature specially build the morality of the students. Our prime vision is to make a good citizen and well educated person for our society. Along with this vision our mission is to prepare our students for this competitive era. At present the department is functioning with three faculty members and thousand above students. Here Sanskrit is being taught as second language.

Dr.P. Umamaheswara Rao lecturer in Sanskrit Transferred from Govt. Degree college (Men) Srikakulam 3rd September 2015. From this time he is the incharge of the  Department of Sanskrit.

From the academic year 2014-15 CBCS is introduced to the Degree 1st year students. More than 60% of the students are from rural areas and the remaining are from urban environment. Some of the students are opting Sanskrit as second language though they have not studied Sanskrit in the previous classes. For those students the department is conducting Bridge course to bring them to the main stream. Socio economic conditions are also having their impact on the standard of the students. Even then efforts are being made and they are being trained by adopting modern teaching Methodologies and Educational technologies by which most of the students are getting benefited. Average percentage of passes is about 95% and necessary steps are being taken to achieve 100%. For this remedial coaching classes are being conducted.

Highlights of Department Sanskrit

1. Consistency in pass percentage i.e.95%.

2. Celebration of Sanskrit day on Sravanapurnima every year.

3. Celebration of KalidasaJayanti.

4. Guest lectures by eminent scholers.

5. Study projects by students on various topics.

6. Class seminars by students.

7. The best practice of the Department is to explain Sloka twice in every week.

8. Training on Spoken Sanskrit





2. श्रवण-भाषण- पठन-लेखनकौशलसम्पादनम्।




2. सरलसंस्कृतसंभाषणशिक्षणद्वाराभाषणकौशलवर्धनम्।