Infrastructure - Library

  • The institution has a Central Library located in the main campus in with a total area of 280 Sq. m, spacious with a total seating capacity of 50 and with 34239 available books. The College is proposed another two floors under RUSA, one floor completely digital lab and another floor is for reading.

  • The library is fully automated in the year 2022 with leading library management software solutions SOUL 3.0. SOUL 3.0 provides a user-friendly interface for searching resources in the library, along with its positions and availability statues. The library has Web–OPAC for providing remote access to its repertoire of textual resources.

  • All the department shaving departmental library in all the departments with exception to the Sanskrit department. Initiatives have been taken to motivate the students to make the best use of the facilities to inculcate reading habits, research attitude and also to promote the holistic development of the students

Library - Photos