Infrastructure - Maintenance Of Infrastructure

The Policy and the Procedure for maintaining and utilizing Physical academic and the support facilities:

The College ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial recourses for maintenance and upkeep of different facilities by holding regular meetings of various committees constituted for this purpose and using the grants received the college as per the requirements in the interest of students.

Maintenance & utilisation of the Laboratories:

•  Records of equipment, consumables and non-consumables are maintained by lab technicians and supervised by in-charges of the concerned departments.

• The calibration, repairing and maintenance of sophisticated lab equipment are done by the technicians of related owner enterprises.

• Stock entries are updated annually . The requirement and list of books is taken from the concerned department in charge. The finalized list is duly approved by the Principal.

• Cleanliness of the laboratories, dusting of instruments and washing of glassware are done by the contingent lab attenders.

• Protocol for the working of the equipment will be displayed near that item to enable the proper usage and avoid the damage.

Maintenance & utilisation of the library:

The library of the College contains the following sections – Acquisition, Accessioning, Classification, Administration, Textbook section, Reference section, Circulation and Periodical section. Library has own vision and mission for maintaining of day-to-day activities. The Library Advisory Committee meets periodically to review the needs of the library. For acquisition, we collect indent of required books received from the departments, consolidate the list and sent to the local books’ suppliers offering for the quotations. Library Advisory committee will prepare the comparative statements and work order is given to highest discount offered by the bidder. Accessioning process was done and all books accessioning in the accession register according to bill. Circulation section was arranged books according to classification schedule (DDC 21th Edition) and issue to the students and staff members. In the textbook section, books will be issued to the students and faculty members. Books from the Reference section will be issued only for the spot reference in the library only. As far as maintenance is concerned, every day dusting the books, cleaning the library hall, chairs and tables will be regularly done by the contingent staff. Naphthalene balls are placed in all books shelfs and periodical pest control activity was done in the library for the pest control. Annual stock verification will be done at the end of the academic year by the external stock verification committee assigned by the Principal. Any books that are physical damaged are removed from the stock according to rules in vogue. Library is automated with the SOUL 3.0 VERSION. Entire resources were accessed remotely. Issues for students and faculty members are automated. The proper account of visitors (students and staff) on daily basis is maintained. Other issues such as weeding out of old titles, schedule of issue/ return of books etc are chalked out / resolved by the library committee. • The Library has special facility for visually challenged students as the library provides special software for their reading purposes. • To ensure return of books, ‘no dues’ from the library is mandatory for students before appearing in exam.

Maintenance & utilisation of the Computers:

Computer maintenance is done regularly by the faculty and technician of the Computer Science department. Dusting is done by the contingent staff and systems are kept clean for everyday usage. Software and Hardware are periodically reviewed and upgraded as per requirement. Any repairable work of the systems is maintained with the corresponding service provider. Irreparable systems are placed in the condemned list and certificate for the disposal is obtained by the technician. Then the e-waste is disposed of to the government firm such as GVMC or any other private firm for recycling.

Maintenance & utilisation of the Classrooms:

The College has a building committee for maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure. The committee prepare the estimations of the sitting arrangements such as benches and desks or dual desks, chairs, and tables. Electrical items such as LED lights, tube lights, fans, ACs, inverters, projectors, refrigerators and so on are maintained by the electrician of the College. The college development fund is utilized for maintenance and minor repair of furniture and electrical equipment. Classrooms are cleaned by the contingent lab attenders. Students are sensitized regarding cleanliness and motivated for energy conservation by careful use of electricity in classrooms. Maintenance & utilisation of the Sports Facilities: The College has its own play ground that is maintained and upgraded regularly with the help of ground staff. Gym is attached to the physical education department. Indoor and outdoor gym is available. Maintenance of the equipment are done by the contingent staff. One badminton court, one volleyball court and one cricket court is available. All the courts are maintained without weeds and watering is done to level the ground. Indoor sports equipment such as balls, rackets, bats, wickets, and shin guards are maintained well. Indoor gym equipment such as weights, dumbbell, rings, and push-ups equipment issued as per the requirement by the Physical director. Maintenance of green campus: The college campus is surrounded by several trees along with botanical garden, bio diesel park, quadrangular park, Saraswathi park and vegetable garden inside. Haritha Krishna Eco club has been taking good care of the vegetation. Regular watering is done by the gardener. Removal of grass, weeds, and dried leaves is done in all the gardens. Placement of puddles around the trees is done to enables absorption of water. Cleaning of water in ponds in which hydrophiles are grown is done regularly. People are hired for the beautification of the gardens and avenue plantation from main gate to inside gate. Pest control for termites , fungal diseases and millibugs is done whenever required. New soil layers are poured to maintain the soil level in pot plants as well as ground plants. Soil mixing with vermicompost and cow dung is also added as fertilizer. Trimming of canopy and overgrowing branches is done whenever is required. PRINCIPAL


Maintenance of infrastructure:

Dr.V.S.Krishna Government Degree College (A), is located in Maddilapalem in the heart of Viskhapatnam city spread over 6.75 acres of land with 8225.8 sqmts.of built up areain three floors near the National Highway. The college has adequate infrastructure and equipment. The first two floors accommodate the undergraduate courses where as the second floor accommodates the Post Graduate Courses. TheWest Block accommodates BA programme in the ground floor and first floor is equipped with virtual and digital class rooms. The college has its own playground, aseparate building for library, gymnasium and a hostel for girl students. It offers 19 undergraduate programmes, 7 postgraduate programmes and research programmes.The college has adequate spacious classrooms, laboratories, digital class rooms and other facilities for the effective teaching-learningprocess.

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