Code of conduct


1. Students must be in disciplined and dignified manner in the college campus.
2. Students must abide by the rules and regulations of the college to display the rules of conduct of the esteemed college.
3. Every student must attend the college in the prescribe uniform. He/she must put on his/her identity card in the campus.
4. Students must maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the classrooms and in the premises of the collage.
5. No student will be allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teachers or until the class is over.
6. In case of cancellation of a class, students are directed to go to the reading room, but are not to be found anywhere else in the campus.
7. Students should park their vehicles only in the allocated parking slots.
8. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college. Severe action will be initiated against the student/students involved in such activities.
9. Students are highly prohibited from chewing pan, pan masala, gutka or smoking or consumption of any other tobacco products or any other
intoxicating products in the campus.
10. Any attempt of theft or damage of property of the college, or public property on campus will be considered as a punishable act.
11. Political activity in any form is not permitted in the college campus. Unauthorized meetings, propaganda, processions or fund collections are forbidden within the college.
12. Students are instructed to check the notice board and college website for important announcements and for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
13. The Principal has all the powers to impose punishments like inflicting fine, suspension of a student based on the nature of misconduct or indiscipline indulged by the student.
14. Every student of the college will be given membership of the library
15. All students should sign the entry register of the library before entering.
16. Silence must be observed in the library.
17. Students must handle all the learning resources with utmost caution.
18. If a book is lost by the student, he/she shall replace the book (same title, author and edition) or shall pay the same cost of the book as fine.
19. Misbehavior in the library/in study room will lead to cancellation of membership and serious disciplinary action will be taken against the
concerned student/s. 
20. All final year students should return their library token and library book/s and obtain “NO DUE CERTIFICATE” from the library to get hall ticket for semester end examinations.