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                    "Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life."                                                          - Sidney Sheldon

“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers.A librarian can bring you back the right one.”   

                                                                                                                                                                                  - Neil Gaiman 



               The college library is established on 03-08-1968 and it is one of the primary departments of the college. The department was first established at the campus near Indira Gandhi Zoological Park and later it is shifted to the newly constructed campus at Maddilapalem. With the funds allotted by Sri M. V. V. S. Murty, the then member of parliament from LAD funds, a separate building was constructed and the library was shifted during the year 2004.


            Library is an important organ of any educational institution. It is considered a hub of academic activity. Selection and acquisition, classification, cataloguing retrieval and dissemination of information are the primary functions of any library/information centre.In institutions of higher education the emphasis is more on learning by the students themselves than on teaching. Moreover classroom teaching and self preparation are complimentary. This underlines the need for well-equipped libraries with well-qualified librarians and adequate supporting staff and their integration with the teaching programme of the institution concerned.


          Empowering Minds, Enriching Communities: Our library envisions a dynamic space that transcends the boundaries of traditional learning. We aspire to be a nexus of knowledge, innovation, and imagination, where individuals gather to explore, create, and connect. By fostering a culture of lifelong learning, 


         Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space that fosters lifelong learning, creativity, and exploration. Through a diverse collection of resources, innovative programming, and personalized services, we aim to empower individuals of all ages to access information, cultivate a love for reading, and engage with the world of ideas


  • Conservation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge

  • Support the academic syllabus

  • Support the faculty in teaching and research programmes

  •  Guidance to the first generation students

  • Motivating to students for creating their opportunities


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       Realizing the role of library in imparting quality education, the management of the college has been providing the required facilities to offer best possible services.

       The college library consists of stack room, text books section, working space, reference section and reading room in a total plinth area of 2970 square ft. The library works from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on all working days.

       There are 34239 books, 30 journals & Magazines and 10 news papers ( INCLUDING THE HINDU 4 COPIES) in the college library catering to U.G & P.G students. In addition to books and journals, study material required by students to prepare for competitive exams such as civil service exams, Group exams, AUCET, CAT, Banks & Railways etc., The library is offereing document delivery service, reference service, News paper clipping service, Content Service, Internet Service etc., 



       To meet the growing needs of the students, staff and improve quality of service, library automation work is taken up. We are using SOUL software developed by INFLIBNET (An Autonomous Inter university centre of UGC) Total library data was entered in the system. We are operating circulation services, OPAC services through system. Recently, SOUL software updated with 3.O version.


     To help the students understand how to use the library effectively, orientation classes (DIKSHARAMBH) are conducted at the beginning of every academic year to the students. The library has adopted open Access system. In open Access system books are kept in open shelves. The users are free to go to the shelves and select the books they want. Necessary guidance to locate the required book is given to the students by the library staff.



The college library has an Advisory committee consisting of the following members.


Chairman      :   Dr. I. Vijaybabu                - Principal,

Convener      :   Dr. M. Srinivasa Prasad  - Lect in Library Science          

Members:      :   Dr. S.V. Rama Rao           - Lec. in English

                           Dr. Santhi Prabha            - Lec. in English

                           Dr. Dhana Lakshmi          - Lec in pol.Sci.


       The library Advisory committee meets twice in each academic year or as and when necessary. The committee looks into the following activities. Budget allocation is made for the purchase of books on different subjects. The committee identifies authorized book publishers and sellers and approves quotations and placing orders for purchases. The committee plans for library extension activities and it is taking care of the storage and maintenance of books and records.



              The college library consists of Stack room, Text book section, Working space, Reference section and Reading room with total plinth area of 2970 sft. There are 50 seats available at reading section and 20 seats available at reference section.


          The college library works from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on all working days of the college.


          All the records of the library are computerized. We are using SOUL software developed by INFLIBNET. We are using all operations in the library as per SOUL. We are also maintaining manual register for issues and returns. Recently, we updated with SOUL 3.0 latest version of SOUL software


  1. Document Delivery Service

  2. Reference Service

  3. Bibliographic Service

  4. News Paper Clipping Service

  5. User Orientation

  6. Old question papers

  7. Information Display and Notification Services

  8. Reprographic Services

  9. PG entrance old Question papers

  10. Providing Current awareness and service through whatsapp group

  11. Internet service


  • The library is functioning on Open Access System to students and staff.

  • The library is using SOUL software for library operations provided by the UGC INFLIBNET.

  • Students use OPAC (online public access catalogue) of SOUL package for locating the needed books.

  • Library adopts ‘Dewey Decimal Classification’ for classifying books.

  • Library is kept open other than the teaching hours i.e. from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

  • Orientation program is conducted every year to the newly admitted students.

  • Competitive Examination material is provided to the students.

  • Text book reference section is open to all students.

  • Internet facility is provided to the students and staff.

  • Wi-Fi facility is provided to the students and staff


         Internet service is provided in the library for the benefit of students and staff. The students were permitted to browse the net for 15 minutes keeping in mind the heavy rush for browsing the net. Students are allowed to see only educational purpose websites. The tracking lists of the browser websites will be checked by the librarian immediately after the students allotted time is over and also provided Wi-Fi facility to the students and staff.


  1. The imbalances in the collection of certain subjects will be rectified as soon as budget is released by the government.

  2. The facilities in the reading room will be improved by adding new seats with more accommodation. We are planning to arrange separate Reading room. We are planning to subscribe more journals.

  3. We are planning to acquire latest collections on all subjects and competitive books.

  4. Plans will be ready for Inter library loan facilities with more colleges for the benefit of staff and students to expose them to variety of news materials.