PO  1:      Understand and demonstrate major concepts in disciplines of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

PO  2:       Think independently and methodically arrive at logical conclusions

PO  3:       Create awareness of impact of modern knowledge on the environment and society

PO  4:       Create Scientific Attitude and Rational Thinking in Students

PO  5:       Develop the attitude of child of young student into that of a Corporate being

PO  6:       Improve communication and Soft skills to harness the power of modern advancements in Technology

PO  7:      Graduates attain practical knowledge through hands-on training and project experience to meet the industrial needs.

PO  8:      To acquire knowledge of engineering skills to design and conduct experiments, analyze data and interpret results.

PO  9:      To acquire first-hand experience in working on projects at individual level and exposure to industrial and research fields.

PO 10:     To demonstrate the modern engineering techniques used in biotechnology and apply technological solutions in various fields of modern biotechnological applications.

PO 11:        The commerce and finance focused curriculum offers a number of specializations and practical exposures which would equip the student to face the modern-day challenges in commerce and business.

PO 12:       The all-inclusive outlook of the course offer a number of value based and job oriented courses ensures that students are trained into up-to-date. In advanced accounting courses beyond the introductory level, affective development will also progress to the valuing and organization levels.

PO 13:       Students will develop in depth understanding of biomolecular behavior and describe the molecular and structural unity of life, develop a thorough knowledge of research techniques in biochemistry.

PO 14:      Students will be able to understand the fundamental theories, concepts, and applications in 4 basic areas of research in chemistry

PO 15:      They will be able to understand the basic concepts of microbial flora and fauna, how microorganisms can be used as model systems to study basic biology, genetics, metabolism, and ecology. Also, be able to identify how microorganisms play an integral role in diseases and develop immunological methodologies for treatment.

POs for the current Academic Year