Research Policy

Research Policy

         Dr. V.S. Krishna Govt. Degree College (Autonomous) fosters Research and Development through its Centre for Research Studies. The institute aims to promote research for solving problems with societal relevance. The institute encourages the staff and students to engage in community and industry-oriented research activities. The goal of every staff member is transitioning the laboratory results into the field, nurture and make them fruitful. This research policy is framed with principles that guide the research activities to be undertaken with integrity and scholarly quest.



1. To inculcate into all pupils a sense of scientific quest and enthusiasm to seek the answers to unknown questions through research.

2. To realize the institutes vision and mission by engaging staff and students in community service projects, internships, and research projects relevant to society and industry.

3. To strengthen the institutional research infrastructure for capacity building and smooth conduct of research in identified emerging fields.

4. To strengthen the institutional capacity by strategic planning, budgeting and conducting of research activities.

5. To guide faculty for submitting quality research proposals requesting funding from extramural funding bodies such as DST, DBT, SERB, ICAR, UGC etc.

6. To promote and encourage the faculty and students to publish their research finding in national and international journals, contribute books and book chapters, widen their intellectual capacity through attending seminars, workshops and conferences.

7. To foster interdisciplinary research with the goal of bringing multiple domain knowledges for solving the socially and societally relevant problems.

8. To establish rules for funding research activities, awarding incentives, awards and any other research related activities.

9. To mentor faculty members to integrate and implement research activities into the regular curriculum.

10. To identify and establish linkages with national/ international organizations/ academic institutes/ training institutes/ industries/ NGOs/ research institutes/ Govt. and local bodies through mutual collaboration or MOUs for maintaining long-term relationships with the purpose of broadening the research scope of staff and students, for receiving funding and sponsorships.

11. To build awareness of various Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, design, geographical indications, trade secrets to staff and students and assist in applying to IPRs. 

12. To institute a common research code that apprise all the researchers of the ethical and legal norms in conduct of any research activity. 

 The above research policy is applicable to all ‘researchers’ of the institute namely teaching staff (regular, contract and guest faculty), students, project mentors, research guides, research scholars, and any other experts associated with the institute.