Consumer club - About

A Person who buys any goods or services for a consideration which has been paid or promised or partly paid and partly promised or under any system of deferred payment is a Consumer. A person who obtains goods for resale or for any commercial purposes will not be a Consumer. However, if such goods are brought by a person exclusively for the purpose of earning his livelihood by means of self-employment then such a person will be considered as a Consumer.
  • To spread awareness on consumer rights amongst all consumer segments especially among college students.
  • To enable students understand fundamental rights of a citizen and make them realize and learn the fundamental duties of a good citizen.
  • To inject knowledge and skills relating to consumer rights among students and to impart knowledge on product standards, product quality and about markets
  • To make them aware of laws enacted for protection and welfare of consumers and enforcement authorities concerned.
  • To bring awareness and realization among students about their duties and responsibilities as Citizens of India and to educate students about rights of the consumers as provided inconsumer protection Act, 1986.

  • To spread awareness about the rights and responsibilities of Citizens and Consumers as provided in the Constitution of India, the Consumer Protection Act and other Indian laws.

  • To mobilize and instill right-consciousness, confidence to question violations of consumer rights and fight for justice.

  • To impart knowledge about real life situations and to enable to development of skills to handle consumer issues.

  • To instill concern for environment around us as citizens and consumers and sustainable consumption habits